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Memorial tablet

Near this Place
are deposited the Remains of
the Honourable GEORGE HEWITT,
late Officer
in, his Majesty's
31st  Reg,t of Foot;
Youngest Son of the
late James Lord Viscount Lifford,
Lord High Chancellor of Ireland.
A tedious illness (occasion'd by the
Rupture of a Blood Vessel,) which he
submitted to with the greatest
Resignation and Composure,
deprived him of Life at Newcastle upon Tyne
on the 22,
d Day of February 1792,
in the 22,
d Year of his Age.
His afflicted Mother
AMBROSIA Viscountess Lifford
inscribes this
to the Memory of
her only
and much beloved

Note: YOUNGEST son of the Viscount,
but ONLY son of the Viscountess